Security and Infrastructure Monitoring

For years Team Allita has been providing top-tier information security and infrastructure monitoring for some of the most demanding Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley startups.  We are now packaging that experience as a monitoring and rapid response service and making it available to organizations of all sizes.  ... (read more)

IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation

systemadminsmTeam Allita's engineers have provided top-tier IT consulting and support services for the most demanding, geographically-distributed organizations in the world.  These services have included:

  • Relational and big data database design and performance optimization
  • Implementation of automated server configuration via Chef and Puppet
  • Centralized monitoring and metrics solutions
  • System, network and database administration
  • Selection and implementation of information security solutions
  • Design and implementation of replicated databases with automated fault detection and failover

Onsite and Remote Administration

Team Allita has a long and successful history of working both on-site and remotely to administer business-critical physical and virtual servers for global enterprises. In recent years our team of senior administrators has been administering many hundreds of servers that comprise the backbone of today's mobile-centric marketplace. The key to our success was our total commitment to detailed planning, change control, team communications and automation.

Computer and Network Installation

Are you a small business that is starting to make increased use of cloud-based services? If so, Team Allita is here to help you shift smoothly and painlessly to this new, cost-reducing paradigm. With your business requirements identified we can not only implement your adoption of new technologies, but also provide the high level consulting you may need to be certain that your business realizes all the intended benefits without incurring inappropriate risk.

Do you have security concerns related to remote access of your servers and network infrastructure? Our consultants and engineers can work with you to incorporate proper hardware and software to address those concerns without breaking your budget!

Computer Network Management

Do you need assistance managing your existing network infrastructure? Do you have concerns about how your internal personnel are making use of your resources and time? Team Allita can help you to control and monitor how your infrastructure is utilized to minimize your exposure to legal liability and/or misuse of assets.

Software and Hardware Upgrade Support

Need new machines but not sure what to buy or where to turn?  We can make recommendations on hardware and software upgrades for your business based on your growing needs. We can keep an eye to your budget, and help you make value based informed decisions. We can also help you install, upgrade your software to accommodate your new equipment, or add-on to your existing equipment with some strategic purchases.

Conference and Media Room Development and Installation

We have worked with customers to setup conference room and media room scenarios to accommodate ever-changing technology needs. No longer are we stuck in the world of white-boards and chalk-boards.  Today many conferences are held with Skype or other video sharing applications, requiring multiple people meeting together from one room to many locations. We can help you plan strategic moves to accommodate your needs.  Whether you just need an update to your current setup, or a total renovation, we can help you find the answers to your needs,  and install them accordingly.


Have a technology need? Contact us to see what our team can do for you.

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